If you are looking for the elevator pitch, you’ve come to the right place.


Which channels and tools are best suited for achieving the results you’d like to see?

The first step is often the hardest, to form a plan that will serve as a foundation for your digital endeavours. I form online strategies with the bigger picture in mind, and take ideas from seed to fruition.


How can great design be good for business?

Few things scare people away from a business as fast as poorly structured websites or ads that makes them cringe. I craft intuitive and mindful design that functions as a bridge between a product and a customer.


Which platforms will do the hard work for you, instead of the other way around?

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it can be overwhelming for someone who wants to focus on your core business instead. From content management systems and educational platforms, to e-commerce and member hierarchies; I will weigh the available options and choose the ones that fit your needs.


Who is your target group, and how can you reach them?

Once the visual components have been created, the real challenge begins; how to spread the good word, or better yet, how to create word of mouth marketing. I carefully balance the arts of online reputation management, social media optimization, and search engine optimization in order to either build your online presence from the ground up, help reach its full potential, or both.


How can you ensure customers understand and relate to your message?

Even the best product will not be a success unless customers can grasp its essence. I write clear, concise and clever copy that help customers connect to brands, products, and services.


Can having too many great ideas ever be a bad thing?

You might have a plethora of great ideas but sometimes you need someone to single out the ones that are worth focusing your efforts on and that will be in harmony with everything else you’re trying to achieve. And sometimes you just need someone to check your texts for spelling and grammar, of course.


What do you have to consider if you are planning to expand in or cater to a new market?

It takes more than Google Translate to gain the trust and connect with a new culture. I prepare, translate, and localize products, services, brands and messages from English to Swedish or Swedish to English, taking in to consideration cultural differences and local customs.


What makes a picture look good, and more importantly; how can you use pictures to convey your message?

I process existing photos or take new ones that will characterize a certain look or feel in order to communicate to customers more effectively.


Do you need informed, experienced, and objective advice on which digital services to utilize?

I will craft long-term solutions to your technical challenges, be it servers, cloud services, administrative systems, or IT policy. I will offer sound advice on what the best course of action is, and how it will benefit you.


Problems with your programs or computers?

High technology is only great if it works as it’s supposed to. I’ll solve any software- or hardware-related problems you might have, either on site in Skåne, Sweden, or online if you’re located elsewhere.

Would you like to discuss a project, or do you have any questions?


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